Founders of Data Scientists Pty Ltd

Troy Sadkowsky

My ultimate goal in life is to do what I am doing right now to the best of my ability. I use my best judgment to be respectful, creative and efficient within whatever task bestowed upon me. I embrace change and love learning new things. I enjoy sharing my gained knowledge and believe that by collaborating more can be achieved.

“I worked with Troy for several crucial years during the formation of the initial Typefi Publishing System. Troy is quite an extraordinary individual for several reasons: he brings an incredible knowledge of data science and systems design to the software development process; he is an exceptional systems architect, able to rapidly iterate and respond to development goals that, during early R&D have a habit of morphing far quicker than most engineers can cope; he augments his experience with a clear-sighted intuition that delivers a thorough understanding of the benefits and limits of the numerous solutions that can be applied to a particular problem set; and he can communicate all of the above with clarity, thoughtfulness and precision. Troy is also a superb team leader, has a laser-sharp focus, and is also a delight with which to work.”  - Stephen O'Brien, CTO & Chairman, Typefi Systems  

“I had the pleasure of working with Troy for six months in 2011. He successfully delivered a key customer project for QFAB. Troy is an authentic "Data Scientist". He engages the customer within the project, brings technical knowledge and provides leadership through implementation of efficient processes, genuine compassion, empowerment and strong commitment.” - Dominique Gorse, General Manager at the Queensland Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics

Krys Sadkowsky

Krys is an epidemiologist, author, speaker and senior statistician with over 30 years of experience in the health field. Most well known as the author of “Mortality over the twentieth century in Australia: trends and patterns in major causes of death”. Krys has been on the advisory board for Data Scientists Pty Ltd since it was established in December 2008. He has particular skills in linking administrative health records to enable a more comprehensive analysis. More recently he was involved with pharmicoepdemiology examining polypharmacy in asthma and arthritis sufferers.  He has also developed a processes for measuring disability free life expectancy for people with different conditions.  Most currently winning awards in ballroom dancing.